Have you recently had your roof inspected by one of our roofing professionals or an Insurance adjustor? Did you have trouble understanding a lot of the words we used in our FREE Property Inspection? With all these recent storms, the city of Indianapolis has been under inspection it feels like, but no worries! At Community Exteriors, Inc. we try to make the Roof Replacement Process hassle-free!

Although our roof claims specialists and roofer crews do their best to explain what this terminology means, sometimes it’s still difficult to understand. The following is a list of commonly used terms in the roofing contractor business that most homeowners are not familiar with:

3-tab shingles v Architectural (or 3D) shingles: 3-tab shingles have cutouts along their lower edge and look like three shingles in one. Architectural shingles are laminated with an extra layer of asphalt on their lower edge instead of cutouts.

Gutter Apron: The gutter apron directs water into the gutters, but it hangs off the edge of your roof into your gutters.

Ice & Water Shield: (roof leak barriers) This is a waterproof underlayment that is installed under your roof shingles. This is typically installed on your roof valleys and eaves, around your skylights, chimneys, and any other penetrations on the roof.

Soffit: The material that forms a ceiling from the exterior of the house to the outer edge of the roof; typically found between your gutters and the exterior walls of the home.

Downspouts: The pipe that carries water from your gutters to the ground to get it off your roof.

Drip Edge: The lower edge of the roof that is extended beyond the shingles. Found along the exterior trim boards on your roof and has a slight “kick out” to prevent water from getting into your attic and rotting the trim of your home. 

Fascia: This is a longboard that runs along the lower edge of the roof to support the bottom shingles and gutters

Decking: This is the material between the weatherproofing (shingles) materials and the insulation on your roof. This is the layer your roofing materials are secured onto (typically made of plywood).

Turbine/power fans: This is a type of vent on your roof that uses electricity to ventilate your roofing system.

Flashing: The material (galvanized steel or aluminum) placed under joints on the roof to prevent seeping water damage.

Ridge Cap: The bent shingle that goes on the very top of your roof where all the planes meet.

Hip Shingles: The other bent shingle that goes on the corners of your roof where two planes meet. 

Eaves v. Valleys: Eaves are the area of the roof that overhangs the lower edge of your roof (or the 3ft of your roof above your gutters). Valleys are the area of the roof where two planes meet and make a V-shape.

Ventilation: This part of the roofing system includes insulation, ridge vent, soffit vent, and your home’s attic ventilation. Ventilation allows your attic to breathe, keeping your home nice and cool.

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