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Installing vinyl siding over wood siding? Indiana Siding Contractors answer

Many people think installing vinyl siding over wood siding, heck installing vinyl siding in general, is an easy task. Sure, it’s duty-free, resists insects, rotting, and doesn’t need to be painted. Before moving forward we always say, DON’T SELF DIAGNOSE your siding issues. You never want to get caught doing diy on a problem you thought was only minor. Call the Indiana Siding Contractors for all your siding repair needs.

For those homeowners who are looking for advice from local vinyl siding contractors, we’ve compiled this list of dos and don’ts for those doing research for what comes with installing vinyl siding over wood siding. In new builds, usually it’s installed over wood wall sheathing wrapped with insulation and a moisture barrier. On older homes, any old siding (vinyl or metal) needs to be removed. While we recommend a full replacement, vinyl siding can be installed over old wood siding, but it requires an expert attention to detail, knowledge of rotting wood/mold, and considerable preparation. Again, we urge you to get a free property inspection from the best vinyl siding installers as you may even need to adjust your window & door frames.

On that note, the first thing you have to check is if the wood on your home is sound. It’s got to be in great shape & tightly attached to the wall sheathing. If the wood is beveled or lapped, you’ll have to figure out a way to provide a flat surface as vinyl siding must be installed against a flat surface only.

Next, you need to make sure you’re planning to install this vinyl siding over a moisture barrier. If none exists under the wood, then you will have to take a major step back on this project and have your house wrapped with the proper material.

Now that you’ve got your moisture barrier all set, it’s time to install that siding. Make sure to use enough fastening straps, your J-Channel strips & utility trim are installed in the correct places, and to keep your seams apart when installing your 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. panels of siding.

All that being said, THIS IS THE FURTHEST THING FROM EASY. Listen, we get it: It’s your house and you want to control the outcomes of any and all of its construction projects…but this isn’t what it’s chalked up to be. Again, it takes serious preparation and expert knowledge.

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Does your homeowners insurance cover wind damage to siding? Community Exteriors can help.

Your vinyl siding blew off. Do you try just replace the panel & try to match the colors to the rest of the house? Does homeowners insurance cover wind damage to siding? DIY or hire a local siding contractors?

Replacing siding can make your home a lot more attractive, giving it a look that adds character and curb appeal. It can also make your home more energy efficient by keeping heat in and saving on utility bills  Siding replacement has consistently been one of the best home improvement projects for adding value to your home and is one of the few projects that can show a direct return on your investment.

If you have replaced old siding with new siding, then you may be both competent and confident enough to take this exterior restoration project on yourself. The Do it yourself path will most often save you money, but it can take longer to complete and there’s no guarantee your craftmanship will last. For instance, we offer a 10 year warranty. Also, this will take much longer than a weekend. Local siding contractors working full time can take only half the time to side a home depending on the size and the weather conditions. If an expert takes weeks to finish siding a home, your do-it-yourself siding project will most likely exceed that amount.

If you have had little to no experience putting vinyl siding on homes, leave it up to trusted local siding contractors to help. Siding installation may look relatively easy, but this is not for beginners. Working around corners, eaves, soffits and fascia, along with trimming openings like windows, screens, and doors; are all technical aspects of the project that can be easy to get wrong.

If you choose to replace the siding yourself, you need to know the extent of the storm damage to figure out whether to repair or completely remove old siding. Often times, when you have an expert who understands what to look for when approaching your insurance company about help covering damages, they will pay for a full replacement. 

Some factors to consider: You need to know how to spot, repair, and replace where mold, water, or vermin have damaged it. Most people don’t. If you have someone who does next to you when an insurance adjuster is at your house, your chances of getting more of the damages are much higher.

Know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin to DIY your siding project…

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Local Roofers, Community Exteriors, launch new site to serve Indianapolis better!

In an effort to service the Indianapolis area better, bonded and trusted local Indiana roofers, Community Exteriors, Inc. launch their new website to get you, the homeowner, all your roofing, siding, and gutter needs in less clicks! Having worked really hard on this project, we hope you enjoy the experience and the content we will come to provide.

Take a look around! Our news section will feature quality do it yourself roofing & siding tips. Answering questions like “How do I know it’s time for a new roof?” “Can I paint Vinyl Siding?” and more. Beyond the usual insider general contractor tips, we will also broadcast any internal company news, we’ll run giveaways and contests to local sporting events, and give you more details on our many planned charity partnerships.

All that being said, we won’t know if we did a good job unless you let us know! Any and all feedback welcome. Just let us know in the comments!

As always, We do more than build homes…We Build Communities!

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