In our last roofer blog post, we answered how to find a leak inside a wall. This week, we want to talk about flat roof leak repair & flat roof replacement in general. As those of you with flat roofs know, they leak. They are more susceptible to problems simply because water doesn’t run off of the roof surface as quickly. Due to this fact, the water has a better chance of finding spacing in the roofing surface. Trusted roofers know, flat roof leak repair can be a hassle, but hopefully we can help you understand the issue so you can be more prepared when you call us out!

When it comes to flat roof leaks, there are many factors that can contribute to your issues: Is the environment your property in harsh? How much standing water gets stuck on the roof typically? How long ago was the roof installed? Were outdated roofing materials used? While storm damage and your harsh environment issues can be covered by your insurance, there are some things you can do to combat standing water.

Any rain or water that hasn’t dissipated within 48 hours is a serious problem. Standing water causes your flat roof to sag and leak as it increases the overall weight your roof must now bear. Too much water and your standing roof will likely collapse! Understand that flat roof collapses can end in damaged equipment and even LOST LIVES!

Now, before we hand you over these tips, we need everyone reading this to understand: These DIY roofer tips are just BAND-AIDES to the problem. Don’t think for a second these will completely fix the problem:

  1. Roof pumps
  2. Check any faulty roofing fixtures (AC Units, Coolers, Drain lines, Skylights etc.)
  3. Call your local roofers and get a flat roof replacement!

Does this help? Need more assistance? Again, don’t get caught with a problem you thought was minor!

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