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My ceiling is leaking water! What do I do? Licensed roofers Community Exteriors answers.

Finding the source of a ceiling leak can be extremely complicated. A process often leaving you screaming in anger “My ceiling is leaking water! What do I do?” as it is frustrating game of trial and error (cat and mouse). The secret to finding a leak is based on simply understanding where the water enters the home may not be the source of the leak. Water looks for the easy route; constantly looking for the path that will get it to the lowest point or obstruction so it can pool and finally leak.

Before we start our list, please keep in mind: Finding the source & trying to fix it are two different things. The latter task of repairs should be left to the roofing contractors!

Below we’ve compiled a list that can hopefully help you get to the source:

  1. Determine if the leak is only happening during severe weather OR if it happens no matter what’s going on outside. Is the leak stopping between storms? Good chance it’s coming from up top on your roof.
  2. Examine the water leaking from the ceiling. Is it appearing dirty or is it staining the ceiling? Chances are again it’s from the roof.
  3. Check your attic for wet spots near your roof joists, water stains, or light shining through.
  4. Call trusted roofing contractors to inspect the roof’s exterior. If you couldn’t find anything on your own, make sure to have us check valley flashing, gaskets around plumbing vents, dormer vents, etc.
  5. Have us check all areas on the roof where two different materials meet (siding, shingles, or flashing)
  6. Check gutters and downspouts for clogs. Backed up water can also cause your ceiling to leak!

As we mentioned, it’s a lot easier said than done and, when you do find the leak, fixing it is another jigsaw puzzle itself.

Don’t get caught with a problem you thought was minor. The longer you wait the more complicated it is usually to fix.

Notice any leaks? We are just one call or email away!

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