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The Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department 9th Annual Golf Outing!

Community Exteriors and the Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department!

Before we dive right in, we take this moment to say: Thanks to the Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department! As roofing and siding contractors, we do not get many opportunities to have fun AND give back! Again, thank you for letting us partake in their golf outing this past Monday.

For those who don’t know, Monday (8/28) was the Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department’s 9th Annual Memorial Golf Outing. As always, proceeds went to the Larry K Rust Memorial Scholarship fund, the Hossier Burn Camp, and the ZVFD Bereavement Fund. Because of this, it was such a pleasure to participate! While we could have just paid a sponsor fee and call it a day, that is not our style. After discussing it at length with the ZVFD team, we found out a sizable group of the Firemen simply did not have the funds to participate. Of course, we took it upon ourselves to take care of their bill! We were even able to get a team of our own Community Exteriors roofing & siding contractors in the tournament!

As you can tell from the pictures, we enjoy every moment of this partnership and we can’t wait until next year! Again, major thanks goes to the Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department. Not only do you deserve praise for this even, but also what you do in the community every day. We can not wait for next year!


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